Pen Pals

Swami_Vivekananda_letter_2nd_Nov_1893Dear Friends,

Did you have pen pals when you were young? Do you remember the first time you opened the mailbox and found a slightly battered envelope with your name on it? Perhaps it traveled halfway around the world to get to you, and you read it in a state of wonder because you knew that, weeks before, it had been in the hands of a person you would likely never meet, but who, because of this letter, felt like a dear friend.

That was my pen pal experience when I was a teenager. In fact, I’m still in touch with my first pen pal, whose first letter I received twenty-two years ago. Of course, we’re both adults with busy lives, hers much more so than mine, and we usually settle for Facebook rather than letters these past several years. But I miss letters. There’s something personal and intimate about a letter, something significant about holding it in your hands.

Well, I’m a sentimental fool. Be that as it may, I’m also practical, and I realize that, as a Vedantin in the Bible Belt, a five hour drive from any Vedanta Society, my best bet at meeting like-minded individuals is over long distances. So I’m looking for pen pals.

Would any of you, dear readers, care to correspond with me? I don’t care if you’re in India, Australia, or New York City, I would like to hear from you. Oh, I don’t mind email correspondence if you haven’t the time for letters, but I will admit to being partial to the handwritten word.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

Sincerely yours,



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